Final Fantasy TCG XV: Noctis VS Ardyn Starter Set

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Expected release date is 28th Oct 2022

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Featuring two 50-card preconstructed decks created around the theme of FINAL FANTASY XV, “TWO PLAYER STARTER SET Noctis VS Ardyn” is a starter set that allows two players to jump into a match straight out of the box. The Wind/Earth Noctis deck and the Fire/Lightning Ardyn deck are both designed so that two players can use them to start a match right away, and so that they can even be enjoyed by beginners of FFTCG. Additionally, each deck includes five different kinds of Starter cards, each with three copies, for a total of 30 Starter cards across the two decks.

Product Contents:

・50-card preconstructed decks x2

・Quick Starter Guide x2